Low Intensity Laser Therapy (LILT) is the use of light from a Low Intensity Laser Diode or an array of Superluminous Diodes to eliminate pain, accelerate healing and decrease inflammation.

About six months ago I started noticing an unusual pain in my foot. Never having experienced foot pain before I had it looked at immediately and was diagnosed with a heel spur and planter facitisis. This started a summer of desperately searching to find relief from such pain I had never experienced before. I was told there wasnt much to do for such conditions expect purchase expensive orthotics. After two rounds of shockwave treatment, accupunture (including cupping), physiotherapy, podiatrist, and even laser I ended up at Mariana 's office. I had been referred to her by a coworker and was told she had "magic hands". In just a matter of 2.5 weeks, with I think five visits I went from an 8/10 pain level down to a 1-3 pain level. Lastly, as an added bonus, I also found her treatments helped my chronic insomnia. Definately sleeping better. thanks Mariana! I can only say I wish I saw you six months ago!

Allison Beekhuis

Mariana Lugo is a amazing, very knowledgeable and I highly recommend her. I have had chronic back pain for a while and tried so many treatments when a PCC physician suggested to for me see an osteopath. I have been in a lot of pain especially the past 4 weeks and after 5 treatments I feel so much better already. I am starting to feel like myself. I know that as we continue her treatments that my condition will continue to approve. Thank yo so much Dr. Mariana Lugo I am so blessed to have met you.

Amanda Cybula

A wonderful testimony from an incredible artist and friend.

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