• Initial Assessment/treatment $160 + HST (1.5H)
  • 1-hour Osteopathy Treatment: $130+HST
  • 40 minute treatment $90 + HST
  • House calls $400+HST (Include Mobile Laser machine + Osteopathic assessment and treatment+ portable table treatment + transportation

Bioflex/Photo biomodulation Laser 

  • 1 Hour Laser treatment $90+HST
  • 1.5 Hour Laser treatment $140 + HST
  • 30 minute treatment $75 + HST
  • *Bioflex Laser Treatments Only are Not covered by extended health insurance
Here are our Laser Packages specials:
Package -13 sessions for $1000+HST (You get 3 sessions free!)
Great gift for patients with disc herniation, chronic back pain, and fasciitis plantar.
Package - 10 sessions for $800+HST (You get 2 sessions free!)
Great gift for Diabetic foot condition, psoriasis, sacroiliac joint subluxation, and carpal tunnel.
Package - 5 sessions $400+HST (You get 1 session free!)
Great gift for acne, eczema, or joint pain in general.
Fat-dissolving chin: 250+HST
Fat-dissolving belly: 350+HST
Fat-dissolving love handels:300+HST
Botox: $ 9/U
Botox TMJ: $350
PRP skin injection: 350+HST
Platelet Rich Plasma/Hair Restoration: $1.300=HST