Tennis Elbow

Are you unable to move your elbow freely due to the excruciating pain? Just bid farewell to your drugs and invasive treatments and try laser therapy for tennis elbow treatment. This latest technology helps you experience tennis elbow relief by healing efficiently, without any side effects.

Tennis elbow is a very pain-causing condition that results due to overload on the tendons of the elbows. These elbow tendons usually get torn or injured by repetitive movement of arm and wrist muscles.

Commonly, people who do repetitive motions like; carpenters, painters, golfers, butchers, and certain sports players are at high risk of developing tennis elbow because their work requires repetitive motions of the hands and arms for a prolonged time.

If you have gone through a treatment involving medications, physical therapy, and home remedies with no results, then it’s time to rid your pain with laser therapy for tennis elbow treatment.

At Lugo Clinic we combine our manual therapy techniques with Laser therapy to speed up the healing process